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Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act

Retiree Training & Qualification Course

This program meets all Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

requirements under 515 CMR 6.00

Course Fee: $75

Massachusetts law requires retired law enforcement officers who wish to carry a concealed handgun under the provisions of 18 USC 926C (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act) and 501 CMR 6.00 to qualify annually on an approved course.

The retiree must bring the following on the day of the course:

  1. Valid Mass. License to Carry Firearms

  2. Valid Retired ID card meeting the requirements set by 515 CMR 13.0

  3. The handgun you wish to carry concealed as a retired police officer

  4. A holster for the above handgun

  5. At least 50 rounds of ammunition for the above handgun.

This program is a Mass State Police approved course and successful completion will result in the retiree being issued a LEOSA Training & Qualification Card pursuant to 515 CMR 6.04.  When accompanied by a Retired ID, this will provide the necessary documentation that the retiree has qualified within the last 12 months.

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